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Dies While Ideling

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i have an 89 comanche pioneer 2wd auto 4.0.  i just changed the valve cover gasket, and o-rings on the fuel injectors but now it has started to die while ideling, as long as i give it gas it is ok but the second i let off the gas it dies. any ideas? my daily driver so i need to fix it soon as possible. 


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i checked the vacuum lines, still have the problem.  i recently replaced a lot of my vacuum lines this problem didn't start until right after i changed the valve cover gasket and injector O-rings.  is it possible that because of the gas leak the engine was over compensating for the leak by sending extra fuel to the engine, but now that it is fixed the computer is still sending too much fuel? thus flooding the engine while idling? 


Check the vacuum like to the MAP sensor.


Check your other vacuum lines.

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Have you checked your catylitic converter? (sorry if thats spelled wrong) when I got my truck it did that and it ended up being because of the convertor being broken and not allowing air flow, thus making it stall when there isnt something forcing it to breath.

i think i fixed it, i unhooked the battery for like an hour to reset the computer and after that it seems to work fine. so far, we will see i guess thanks to everyone for the help!

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