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My Turn For No Headlights

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Similar to other threads about no headlights- parking lights work, high beams work, headlight harness has been upgraded with a Putco from Amazon a year ago, but NO low beam headlights when knob is pulled out to headlight on position.


Headlight switch sound like the culprit? I do not have a functioning multimeter.

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If you've got high beams, the headlight switch isn't your issue.


I don't know how the putco harness is set up (I made my own) but if there are any fuses in it, check them first. Also try swapping the low and high beam relays to see if the low beam relay might be bad.


Are you sure you don't just have two burnt out low beams?

Other things to check would be the high/low beam dimmer switch, as well as wiring in between the headlight switch and the the headlights.

A test light would be useful to see "where the power stops", which is more than likely where your problem lies. At the low beam relay socket you should have power from the headlight switch at pin 86 when the low beams are on, and constant power from the battery to pin 30. A multimeter or ohm meter would be useful for testing continuity to ground from the relay socket (pin 85).

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I have a one year old steering column with all new parts such as the hi/lo dimmer switch from columnsgalore.com. The Putco harness is just under a year old and has two 30a relays that are four pins each. Headlights are Osram H4 Silverstars with Hella housings. For both the bulbs to go out at the exact same time it would be more than coincidence.

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