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Clutch Replacement

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So my '87 MJ sportruck had a slew of issues last summer and has been sitting in my drive way ever since. 

Right now it won't go into gear, so I'm assuming the clutch needs to be replaced (hopefully not the entire trans, I'll start with the clutch and go from there)

I have the new clutch, but I don't know how to replace it exactly, I used to have a link to a DIY tutorial, but can't seem to find it anymore.

Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance! :)





1987 Comanche Sportruck, 5 speed. 4.0L inline 6

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Does the system have fluid?  If not, fill and bleed. 


If that does fix it, then you may need to drop the trans to get to everything.  You may need to replace the dreaded internal slave cylinder.  Mine is on its 5th for the 26 yrs. I've owned it.


Assuming you have the original BA 10/5, I might suggest looking for an AX15 from 94+ Jeep.  These have the external slave cylinder. I found one on Craigslist someone was parting out for $350.


However, that's not all you will need.  The Tcase will need to be switched to 23 splines(if you have 2wd, ignore this), you will need the trans cross member and a slave cylinder.

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Thanks for the advice. System has fluid, it has the original trans in it, I'm thinking we're probably going to drop it and replace the whole thing with the kit. It will be a learning experience. Just wish I could find the tutorial I had come across before, had step by step with pictures. 



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