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So I've been surfing around craigslist for Jeep parts (mainly out of boredom, because I seldom, if ever, buy things off of craigslist) and I stumbled upon this.




Obviously it piqued my interest, so I worked out a deal with the guy to come buy it Sunday afternoon.


Just wanted to know if this is a mystical dealer-installed brush guard, or something somebody rigged up in an afternoon.


Even if it's not an old dealer-installed brush guard, It is the exact style I've been half-heartedly looking for for since I painted the truck. The good news is that even if I don't want to keep the brush guard, I found a good bumper to replace mine with in the style that I want as well. 


Didn't think I'd actually stumble across one though, let alone one this nice. Good fortune smiles upon those who wait, it seems.  :brows:

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That's me dude!!!! Lol what a small world


Check out my build page where the grill guard is installed...




The reason I grabbed this grill guard because I thought it was from that era of our trucks or I could be wrong. Most pics of the factory grill guards doesn't show the fencing in the headlight area like most new grill guards today

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