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Anyone In The Know About Eaton Elocker?

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Eaton redesigned the elocker for the dana 30 and 35 in late 2008/9, does anyone know if they ever redesigned the one for the D44?


Every internet search I can find pulls up people trash talking the elocker from pre-2010. The redesign changed the number of pins and cross shafts. There are mentions they had planned to update the d44 design to match the d30, but again nothing i've found stating they ever changed it to have 4 spiders. and the 1/4 turn engagement rather than 1/2 to full turn




I'm planning to call them or 4wd.com tuesday, I just thought maybe someone already knew. I'm getting closer to having the monies to pick up a select locker for the d44 so i can get rid of the lock right.



Currently I'm debating between the Elocker or the true trac. Beings they are both made by eaton I'm thinking they're pretty equal in quality and longevity. I already know about the disadvantage of the bearing ramp engagement in the elocker when rocking a vehicle back and forth and it disengaging briefly. And am not looking for "get an ARB" type comments as I do not want to run pneumatics, and ox is out for cable reasons. And I know that the true trac may require brake bias if a tire is in air or on ice.

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You know that the TrueTrac is not a locker, just a limited slip.

Yup.   I'm looking for street ability.  The truetrac is probably the best traction device for on street and any scenario that all 4 wheels stay in contact with some ground surface.   I have gotten to where I do not like the auto lockers.   Granted I've read where people say a detroit is more transparent and has fewer side effects then the lock right.   The lock right now causes tons of backlash, tons of added axle wrap,  and causes bucking when not under power.  


For my driving style my options are f/r e-lockers   or front elocker  with true trac rear.    The true trac saves $$ for the rear  has excellent on/off road characteristics.  Increases traction in snow whereas a locked or spooled rear end in the snow can be much worse then driving open.   So if e lockers front and rear I'd be driving open in the snow and lock when stuck for best handling.    My driveway is 25-30% grade and is 175 feet long with a turn, for some reason the county required it to be paved,  so when it's even slightly slick i barely make it up the driveway 10 feet before i start to slide sideways.  That's with noslip front and lock right rear


It's off topic so back to the main ???     Does anyone know if the 2013 elocker has two cross shafts or is it still a single like our stock carriers?  

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The TrueTrac is also not made by Eaton. It's made by the same folks who make the Detroit Locker.

Sure looks like eaton owns detroit http://www.eaton.com/Eaton/ProductsServices/Automotive/AutomotiveAftermarket/Differentials/PCT_221432


and they list the true trac as theirs too as well as some neat looking oem only options...



their aftermarket stuff http://www.eaton.com/Eaton/ProductsServices/Automotive/AutomotiveAftermarket/Differentials/index.htm


and the elocker is eaton so my assumption is they're all made in the same place. the elocker true trac and detroit.

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I spoke with eaton directly and the Dana 44 elocker is still a single cross shaft like the OEM carrier.  They have plans to make it a 4 pinion design like the dana 30 but he did not have an estimate as to when.  He then told me it's been "in the works" for atleast 3 years.    


So i decided on the Truetrac for the rear.  Once I decide if i need to regear I'll get the elocker at that time or may be just double up on the true trac. 

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