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A/c Wiring Diagram

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Just like the title says, any body got one?


1989 Renix 4.0 with factory a/c. 



I am getting 12v to the plug that goes to the reciever/drier (two wires grn w/ black stripe) when the selector inside is on MAX, NORM, or BI-LEV, but even if i jump the connector, bypassing the pressure switch in the dryer the a/c clutch does not engage.


A/C clutch is in perfect working order, because if i unplug the single connector to it (solid orange wire) and place it directly onto battery positive the clutch immediately engages without difficulty.


System is totally depressurized and disconnected as far as a/c lines, so i am not looking for cold air at the moment. I am simply trying to get the eletrical aspect to work before paying someone to charge it up.




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A/C relay installed and/or functioning correctly?


I'm not sure which of the diagrams I'm posting is correct for your model, but it seems consistent from what I'm finding that the A/C relay is on one of the ends on the row of relays under the hood.


On my '88 XJ, it was this left most one:


But according to this next image, which says it's for an '89 XJ, it's the right most one.  Go figure... :dunno:


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But according to this next image, which says it's for an '89 XJ, it's the right most one.  Go figure... :dunno:



I know what you mean. :doh:




As far as the relay is concerned, that is probably where my problem lies. Long story short, i cut and removed a few wires, one of which was probably part of my a/c relay. The only wire that does not have a home on my bank of relays is an orange wire w/ a black stripe. If i could get my hands on a diagram of that particular relay i know it would be obvious what is missing and where it goes.

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Ok, just FIY here is a representation of what went wrong.






By cutting the wire where i did, i simply disconnected the power source for my a/c relay. Which FYI is the very FOWARD most relay, the relay closest to the FRONT of the vehicle.





To make sure my system was indeed working. I replaced the severed wire at the relay, bypassed the pressure switch at the Dryer/reciever, plugged in the a/c compressor and put my selector on MAX a/c. 


When i inspected my compressor, nothing was happening, as i expected. BUT once i applied the missing incoming 12v to the relay ( put the wire on battery positive) the compressor immediately came on.


Then to make sure the switch inside was working, i turned the a/c OFF and re-applied the 12v, and just as is supposed to happen, the a/c clutch remained DISengaged.



Now all i have to do is wait for my new Reciever/dryer to come in and it will be all systems go for sweet sweet air conditioning.

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