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Rms And One Piece Oil Pan Gasket

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Does anyone have part nos. for the RMS with the double lip and for the one piece oil pan gasket. I' m almost ready to replace the RMS and have the oil pan off and cleaned up, just need to scrape the bottom of the block to get the rest of 2 pounds of gasket sealer the PO used when he replaced the gasket.

I definitely want to use the double lip seal as my truck has 200 K miles on it (at least, speedo cable was missing when I got it).

I've heard good and bad reports on the one piece oil pan gasket (more good than bad). If you have used it, please let me know what your experience was. Does it seal up better? How hard/easy is it to install? Etc.

I have plenty of room to get the pan back on, even with the oil pump installed, so clearance and bumping it out of place shouldn't be a problem.


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I just went to Autozone for an oil pan gasket and RMS. Don't know the brand anymore, but the oil pan one was one piece. For the RMS they asked me if I wanted single or double lip, but they only had the double lip one in stock.


So far it has held up, but I only drove it for maybe 30 miles and is now parked for a front axle swap that is taking major surgery.

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Last time I replaced the oil pan gasket, I had issues getting the stupid thing to stay in place when bolting it up. Shortly afterword, however, I was given some advice that would have helped tremendously. Get a couple small zip ties, and using 6 - 8 of them, tie the gasket to the pan. Lift it up to the truck, get all the bolts in that aren't blocked by the ties, then cut the ties, pull them out, and put the last bolts in.


They don't necessarily seal any better, but they're less messy to install, easy to remove, and reusable.

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Thanks, all. I found the Fel-Pro part numbers for both items at Advance Auto.

Geonovast - thanks for the zip tie tip. I was curious how you could keep it in place long enough to bolt it up.

Cruiser54 - I'm going to print out all those tips and put them in my MJ notebook. Then, one day when I get all the parts back on the truck I can use them!

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