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Ebay Comanche


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I just bid on a '86 Diesel Comanche on EBay. Is there anybody in Wi close enough to to check it out for me? Not interested on the body. Pics show a rust bucket. Just want to know if the engine and accessories are worth swapping into a rust free bod.


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1986 Jeep Comanche


RARE! 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.1 Renault Turbo Diesel 4x4 Metric Ton Pickup TruckResearch 1986 Jeep Comanche





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crap, thats 102 miles from me. it would be cheaper for rob to check it out. I hope ya get it and if ya don't have a need for that bench seat and you come to pick it up maybe we could work out a deal....or a few beers


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Pat. Basically I want to know the mechanical condition of the engine. Mileage, Knocks, noises, leaks. Would it make the trip on it's own (not planning on that) or should be towed, trailered? I have several rust free bodies and I would be swapping everything over. Been doing some calculations. 2400 miles round trip, $3 a gal for gas=$480 so unfortunately not likely to happen. Depends on what the truck goes for. We'll see. Hoping for the best. Jim

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