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You're A Jeep Owner If....


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I saw this on another site. Thought I'd share it. I am sure it has been around many time before.






The following is for anyone who owns (or who has owned) a Jeep - you'll be able to relate.





... You can drive the REAL "Ultimate Tanning Machine" with your left leg out on the nerf bar or up on the door sill


... You pretend you're driving a motorcycle because you can remove the top and doors then fold the windshield down. Oh, and you also bring along the goggles.


...the words 'dirty' and 'topless' turn you on when not spoken in a sexually-charged conversation.


...seeing dogs hang their heads out the car window makes you think to yourself, "I know the feeling".


...when you see someone at a stoplight put their sunroof down you get out and take your entire top off just so they'll be jealous.


...seeing Jeeps nicer than yours doesn't cause envy or jealousy, but instead causes you to root them on.


...you feel a little hurt inside when other Jeepers don't wave back. But you instantly forgive them knowing they must not have seen you. Oh well, you'll get the next one.


...getting stuck isn't an inconvenience. Its an adventure you can't wait to tell others about.


...you felt like an idiot when you bought your first one from a dealership as you asked which ones are four wheel drive.


...you've ever stood up in your vehicle as you were driving it just because you could.


...you keep full pvc waterproof rain suits in your vehicle.


...the first ever strapless bikini you bought wasn't a swim suit.


...seeing convertible sports cars with powered tops makes you think to yourself these two things... 1. "Wimp!" and 2. "I've got roll bars, beeotch"


...you ripped out the carpet on your floorboard because it started to stink after that first good rain or romp in the mud.


...there's no point in washing your vehicle. You just do it because you can leave the windows down while you rinse it.


...you've apologized to a first time passenger because of how dirty your interior was. Then rescinded that apology as you thought to yourself that they should be thanking you for the experience.


...you've almost slapped a girl for complaining about her hair getting messed up on that first (and only) date. (I actually left a first date at a restaurant because she asked if I had a real car.)


...when you're in other cars you roll the windows down even when its raining or freezing cold because you feel like you're cheating on your vehicle.


...you keep heavy duty trash bags in your glove box for emergency seat cover up.


...when you get dents in your body and you're proud of what you've done - even brag about it.


... you look at a hill or a rock ledge and say, "Yeah, I can make it."


... gas mileage? whats that!?


... You could have money...but as soon as you get enough, you buy something else for your Jeep


... MJ, XJ, YJ, CJ, TJ, WJ, ZJ, they all mean something to you.


... lowriders really are moving speed bumps.


...if u see a pot hole (or speed bumps) in the road instead of avoiding it u head right in it to get that off road bumpy feeling!


... Did that sign say "No Trespassing?"


...You own a set of Torx wrenches and use them on a regular basis.


... You can look at a Torx screw and know what size it is.


... You laugh at morons who spend far too much money on spinners.


... You spill something in your friend's car and it doesn't occur to you to apologize because it should just drain out the plug holes.


...You can pack for a week in a backpack because that's all the luggage space you have.


...Your idea of a "road trip" includes a minimal amount of pavement.


...You have a supply of hair bands around the shifter.


...You have two sets of friends. Those who knew you before you got the Jeep, and every other Jeep owner.


...you've had to chase raccoons or cats out of your Jeep in the morning.


...If you have to get a step ladder for anyone under 5'8 just so they can get in.


...other people can't tell what color your Jeep is because of all the dried mud.


...Keep a spare set of goggles in the Jeep, to keep the rain/mud out of your eyes or when you ride with the windshield down.


...People hear you coming down the road... because of your mud tires!!


...when girls you know talk about getting a lift and you immediately ask what size tires they are trying to fit.


...you take more pics of your vehicle than you do pretty girls, parties, etc..


...You're proud of scratches and dents on your ride as each one has it's own unique history and story.


...You see another Jeeper in a parking lot of a store you're not going to and stop to talk anyway.


...Hard, soft and topless hold completely different meanings to you than most people.


...you focus more on whats on the side of the road than the road itself ...


...you take a first timer for a ride, and it changes their life...


...as in childhood; sand, mud, water, streams, rocks, and hills are once again your playground ...


...You've learned how to vault into and out of the driver seat to avoid getting dirty rather than wash the Jeep.


..when you get offended when someone calls your Jeep a "car"


...when you can kick any given place on one of your bumpers at any time, and at least one dried clump of mud falls off


...you don't have to open your doors to get out.


...people in the back seat just use your back tires to get in or out


...when you get goofy looks from people when talking about your bikini top.


...When you see another dirty Jeep in a parking lot, you want to find the driver and ask where they've been.


...When you're damn proud of being a Jeep Girl and the title gives you a new found sense of independence and power!


...When parallel parking involves popping one tire up onto the sidewalk.


...When you know the height clearance of every parking structure in town.


...When you show up for dinner with friends and no one even bothers to mention the mud on your clothes.


...When you know, with absolute certainty, exactly how much pressure is in your tires at any given moment.


...Potholes are no longer an nuisance. They are preparation....


...during the Summer months, you always know what the weather will be like a week in advance.


...you leave your doors unlocked at all times so that a burglar won't cut through the soft top


...every time you're cut off by a sports car, the thought of parking on top of it makes you smile

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