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New Drive Shaft

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A longer drive shaft will be needed either way so it comes down to how much you want to spend. Around here it's about $150 to lengthen and balance a drive shaft locally. I chose to just buy a whole new drive shaft when I blew the yoke on mine apart from A1 Drive Shafts (forget what their eBay name is offhand) and that was $197 shipped with all Spicer parts.

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My custom rear driveshaft cost me around $400, but that includes more than 4' of 3" diameter 3/16" wall DOM tubing, perfectly balanced. After bending two on a rock and twisting one in half during a wheelstand I asked my locat drivetrain specialist (J.W. Cookson) to built me something bullet proof. I've had the truck sitting on it rolling sideways over a rock instead of going forward/backward without any more damage than put scratches in the paint.


For most people that would be overkill, though.


If you can find a 2wd Comanche, or Toyota I believe uses the same size u joints, you can have it cut down to the length you need, which is a lot cheaper than having one lengthened or custom built. SYE is going to cost the most, because not only do you need to do the SYE on the transfer case, you then need a slip joint in the driveshaft, which makes it more expensive, and if you go with a double cardan joint up on top (even more expensive) like most people do (like the front driveshaft) you're going to have to cut your new spring perches off and have them welded on again to set the pinion angle correctly for that type of driveshaft.

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