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Short introduction of myself

My name is Roman, 49 years old , married, located in Austria /Europe ( we don`t have Kangaroos ) , playing with Jeeps since I remember. Owned lot of difference models in the past. Some weeks ago I found a short bed MJ , this type of Jeep are really rare here in Europe and I always wanted one so I pick up this nice little truck.

I have read a lot of your ingenious projects and posts and decided to do similar modifications in the near future. See below my

starting point. 91.MJ, SB, 6cyl. 2WD, 5 speed man. shifter, no rust , all in all very good conditions. Everything to convert to 4wheeldrive stored in my garage. Also found and bought a 98 Cherokee Facelift as a donor for future steps. Enough words for now I know you love pic´s , enjoy first pic´s of my MJ and my other Jeeeeeeeeps. ( hopefully my english is are good enough for you to explain everything with the correct words)

































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Hallo, Güten tag Roman. Willkommen auf der Comanche Club. Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. (Learned from my grandparents and haven't used it in over 15 years.)


That's quite an impressive collection you have. I'm really digging the red Willys. I'm very interested in what you will turn the MJ in to and I will be following your build. It looks like you have a good handle on it! :cheers:

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thanky guy`s for the warm welcome.

@Backdraft - your german sound`s not bad


Not much news at the moment, still waiting for the

Ford 8.8 with disc`s , I shooted on E-Bay. The axle are with 3.73 gears, this does match my front axle from my 98 donor.

today arrived NP242


and the Moab rims,



first small update was installing the power seats from a Cherokee ( I was prepared that they want interchange) The seats are also temporary until the complete equipment goes in from the 98.


and exchange speedometer to Euopean standard ( got a ticket for speeding with original mph speedometer )



sorry for the bad pic`s I have taken with my mobile , but I am missing my camera since a business trip yesterday. Will be better next



Still thinking what height of lift I want to go but for the startup I think 4,5" are a good choice. Front lift not the problem I have access to some good quality springs from a german supplier. For the rear leafs I have the choice between Hell Creek and Rustys

any thought about that ?



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