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Hamptonville, NC $10,000

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:agree: don't think he can get that much for it. However, a friend of mine bought a YJ that was built from gound up, absolutely beautiful jeep sitting on 36's and has a 350 in it for 10,000 so custom builds are possible to pull that. I don't think this MJ is worth more than about 6 IMO

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:agree: Other then a sandblasted body there is nothing special here as many have done the 97+ conversion and yes not many if any have gone the blasting route but there is nothing rare or special about this MJ...


$5000-$6000 I can see if there wre more custom stuff to it sure to get $10,000 and I am sure that YJ on 36\s had upgraded axles and transmission where as I did not read anything about custom axles or suspension with the MJ...

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