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New parts in the future


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So, as it turns out, I will be getting a pretty decent amount back on my taxes, and we all know what that means... MORE PARTS! :cheers: This will give me the opportunity to purchase some parts that I wouldn't have been able to get before now.


So my question to the knowledgable people of ComancheClub is what do you guys think I should get for the truck?


I've looked over a couple of things already, and some parts that are being considered are:


A TnT truss with brackets to sort out the mess that is my front axle and give it a bit more strength. This would help with my steering problems and my on road vibrations, and could give me a chance to rebuild that front axle, change all the bushings and whatnot. The issue I have with this is that my experience with welding is nonexistent, and I don't want to mess up the axle, so I may have to get it professionally done. The other problem is that this is my only vehicle, and my daily driver.


A new bunch of Interco Iroks. My front tires are looking a little worse for the wear, so obviously that's the benefit there.


A rear locker for the 9. It already has a spool, but that thing is absolutely destroying my tires and gas milage, and being able to turn does help a lot(plus, it will keep me from fishtailing in the roundabouts).



So, anything you guys suggest? Any opinion on what I have already?

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