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Non 4x4 Area


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How about an area for the 2wd trucks...even the 2.5s too???

There's ALOT of great info on the site but I notice that almost all of it relates to 4.0 4x4 which is great but would be nice to have some area for the other options out there.

Myself personally, and maybe i'm the only one, has no intention of ever changing the truck to 4x4. I would rather take it to the speedway/strip to see what it will run than off-road it.

Anyway, that's just my random thought of insanity!

Great site otherwise though. Just doesn't leave much to us 2wd guys (if there are any out there)

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What would be great is a tag-based filter system, where each new thread started would have to apply certain tags to the thread (2wd, 4wd, 2wd->4wd, 2.5, 4.0, etc) if the post is specifically about those topics. Then when viewing the forum, you could set a filter to only see the posts with certain tags. Yes, the search function can do something kinda similar, but it's clumsy, and dependent on how people title their posts.


Something tells me the software does not support anything like that.. :redX:

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That is true, they are. But either way, they are still Comanches and it leaves certain areas uncovered for a select few of us.



It's MJ tech. any and all MJ tech is welcome and encouraged. :thumbsup:


If memory serves me, I think more 2wds were sold than 4wds.

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