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Power Steering - quack quack noise

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Ever since i got my truck a few years ago, the PS has always made this strange almost duck quack sound when you let off the gas & the rpms drop ....i noticed today just with it idleing,the quack sound is way way more often. Also when it makes the quack sound...i notice the rpm gauge drops 1 rpm along with the quack sound. I'm assuming the PS maybe is starting to drag maybe? anyone else hear of anything like this??

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UPDATE: I swung into my mechanics shop yesterday.....well, the one I USED to go to since i was going right past his shop.

He listened to it & said it sounds like its coming from the IMAP sensor??? He pointed at the long fat black plastic tube that goes from the air breather up to th etop of the engine, and ...I'm pretty sure he said maybe the imap sensor is going bad. ...at that time it did sorta sound like it was coming from the fat black plastic tubing area going to the top of the engine. It makes like a random spuratic almost duck sound for about a half a second then it sgone,as it does it the rpms will drop/lag for a split second. I THOUGHT it was the PS pump,but now I'm not so sure.

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