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D 35 spiders

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Does any one know if the spider gears from a '86 4:11, 27 spline, non C clip interchange with '87 up? Couldn't find anything in search. I have a '87 I can tear apart and find out but checking to see if any body already knows.

The spiders were all chipped up in my '86 and I'm trying to find the easiest (Cheapest) fix.

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They will interchange. There is no difference in the spiders between the c-clip and non c-clip axle. The only difference in the spiders on the D35 is from the case size. 1994+ uses the 1.560" bore case and 1993-1986 uses the 1.625" bore case. So as long as your using the spiders in the same case size they will interchange.

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