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Coil spring length

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my RK 4.5 are 22"

my RE 5.5 are 23"


i would guess that they are 4.5" springs





huh. my RK 6.5 coils are 22" long and my RC 4.5 coils are 17" long. the 4.5s are under the truck though.



somethings not right there.

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maybe spring rate? the RK's i have are from H3RESQ, pretty sure he was 4.5 with ACOS on top. my truck has always been a little taller than his. swapped out the RE 5.5" that came with mine and i now have 4.5" iron rock offroad coil in my mj right now with ACOS adjusted up about an inch. dunno what to tell ya, thats what the springs measured



edit: just looked at his build and they are RK 6.5" coils. just figured with having ACOS and being lower than me they were 4.5", guess they have sagged a bit lol

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I'm unsure of what brand coils I have but I know they are 4.5" lift springs and measured 22"



how do you know that if you don't know the brand.? edit: i checked your thread, just ask sinkrun what they are.


if it is true though it would have to be spring rate like cody said. even with that though i doubt a 4.5 would measure the same as a 6.5 when its installed......i just don't see how they could be the same in the end result no matter the spring rate. if it was made to be a 4.5, wether the spring rate soft or firm, it would never match 6.5. i just don't see how.


ahhh wait wait, maybe you have ZJ springs? arent they supposed to net you a little more then XJ/MJ

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Length of coil means nothing...


You have to factory in the spring rate. Spring rates are done by several things including length, wire diameter, coils per inch (how tightly it's wound), etc.


For instance lets take a 4.5" coil. A coil with a higher spring rate will be theoretically be shorter than a coil with a softer spring rate. The softer spring rate coil may be 3" overall length longer at static height out of the Jeep than the higher spring rate coil; however end result for both is 4.5" of lift.




Same coil length, but one is wound tighter than the other, uses a thicker material and one may only be 4.5" of lift but the other one (that's the same length) may give you 6.5" of lift.


Length of coil means nothing...

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