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Cleaned up the garage a little.


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I decided that I want to keep my good stuff off the floor and in the bed of the truck.




This is my 2000 front clip, Baja style light bar, extra tail lights (I have more in a box), COMANCHE emblems, 2.5 and 5.2 Litre badges, and the best thing is the REAR one off 97+ flares.


And my good friend Johnnyc gave me this...



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Thanks Thunderbear. I may have a line on one but once you get it out let me know. I will still take it.


I just hope none of it falls on the Charger. If it does I will crush every bit of it. :fs1:


Semper Fi!


Do or die, Guns.


If you're worried about things falling, I'd move that Hi Lift. I have a scar on my TJ hardtop and another on my head to remind me how f'in dangerous they can be. They always release at the wrong time. :ack:

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