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How weak is the NP207?

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My new 4cylinder truck has blessed me with an NP207 transfer case. Having never delt with this t-case I had to do some research.


It seems most folks don't hold the 207 in high regard. Poor oiling, noisy and a higher low range seem to be the biggest qualms for this t-case. I have also come across several 207's mentioned having a cracked case. What are the type of failures common to this transfer case? In what conditions are they occurring?


I currently have the AX5 and 207 sitting on the shop floor to install a new clutch. Now my question is, would a 231 or 242 really be an upgrade? This truck will primarily be a daily driver with occasional wheeling, think Ouray, Colorado terrain. It will probably never see a tire bigger than a 30".


The closest 231 with a 21spline input shaft I have been able to located is 3 hours away.


Thoughts, opinions?

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Thanks for the input Correy.


I will probably just stick with the ol' 207. I've got a hard time believing the 2.5 could do too much damage to it.


Any of the t-cases readily that came with the MJ will feel like they have a 'high' low range to me after running my Rubi's 4:1 for 8 years :ack:

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Also, the 207 and 231 are not quite the same length. When I went 4wd in my 2.5, I had the 2wd cut down for the AX-(was 4 but became 5) and 207 combo, ended up about 3/4"ish shorter than it should have been, and it would up being the perfect length when I swapped in the 231.

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some 207's came with a flanged front output for use with the "stick-in-the-can" front driveshaft. You can swap a standard yoke and run the stronger DC driveshaft.

This was going to be my next question. The 207 I have does have the standard yoke on the front. Do the NP231 and 207 share the same size u-joints? I would like to use the front driveshaft from the 99 parts XJ in this truck. Might need it cut down, but that would be no problem since I will be getting a new rear shaft anyway.

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