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2.5 Oil leak trouble spots

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Have since replaced the Oil Pan and Valve cover gaskets since I got the truck, which eliminated the leaks. About a few weeks later (mid October), the oil pan started leaking again and I chalked it up to not using a Torque gun on the oil pan (torqued using the good old fashioned arms) Since then, I've been adding oil when needed, and tightening when needed. I've also noticed not only is the back of the engine block coated in oil, it's leaked down all over the oil pan, and onto the tranny. Which, as you can imagine, is not making me very happy. :fs1:



The million dollar question is, aside from redoing the valve cover, and oil pan gaskets with RUBBER this time instead of $#!&ty cork, where else are trouble spots for the 2.5 leaking oil?


I've heard about the oil filter rings and rear main on the 4.0 being trouble spots, but can't find any info on the 2.5, unfortunately. :(

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I will only use the cork gaskets. I also use Permatex Ultra Black on both sides. I run a 1/8 bead down the center and I fill the bolt holes with the UB sealant, this way the bolts get 'set' with the sealant and will not back out once snug. I also wire wheel my bolt clean before installing or replace them with new bolts. I hand snug each bolt in patter until the sealant oozes and just before the gasket begins to compress. I also wire wheel all mating surfaces and clean with denatured alcohol.


Where water is present I use Permatex #2.


I refuse to use silicone anywhere, anytime, period!


It may be that your engine is over pressurizing and forcing oil out. I would check your vent lines and air box.

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Seriously hoping that it's just the two gaskets and not the rear main. :fs1: Going to clean everything up tomorrow before I go to work on it to see what all is exactly leaking.


Anybody have any recommendations on engine degreasers/cleaners? I've used a few, with varying results.. :dunno:

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Original Gunk. I rinse with the engine running.


Then follow up some cleaner from Dollar General.....Awesome....is the name and it really is $1 a bottle and works great, it's also real good for interior cloth.


May need to pull the distributor cap and dry afterwards.


I also use hot water to rinse.

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