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Oil soaked air filter

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Blow by, which is typical of a 4.0. Cleaning out the CCV orifice in the valve cover will help some. Some people have plumbed an oil catch container in between the valve cover vent and the air cleaner to solve the problem.


I myself pick up a $1.22 air filter whenever I happen to be at the junk yard and can find one that doesn't look too bad.

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If you want to stop it for good and are going to pull the cover anyway get a newer style cover. I have fought this before many times then I found a thread on installing a newer style 4.0 valve cover. Mine is from a 2000 cherokee 4.0 not sure what the cut off is in years but the newer style have a full length baffle in them instead of the 2 single towers that are in yours. You will need the bolts and groments from the newer cover and a gasket for the newer cover also they cost more but are worth every penny as they are also a much better design. I had to redo and adapt some of the hoses to the newer cover also I think you change the one fitting in the manifold to a larger one. I will try to find the write up.

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:agree: you beat me to it!



ive got a cover from a 96 i believe it was. way worth the time and money to do it.


you have to get all the tubes with the new cover and the bolt that screws into the manifold on the end of one of the hoses. get the newer style gasket and install. :thumbsup:

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Yikes! Sounds out of my scope of skills. I got this truck for my nephew but he got something else. I have been piddling with it and driving it to work, will probably sell it.

Thank you for your response!



Where are you and how much do you want for it?





:rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :shake: :shake: but we were all thinking it too

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Yikes! Sounds out of my scope of skills.


Soo, you can change the oil, yes? Besides/instead swapping over to the newer VC make sure the rear (smaller vacuum line) is clear of crap, not kinked and actually attached at both ends. While you're at it check the front & rear grommets, if they are torn or rotted, replace them.Since you're in there check ALL the vacuum lines for cracks, kinks and leaks. Replace anything questionable...vacuum line is cheap.


I thought I had nice clean grommets. Look at these pictures of my RENIX style grommets and you'll see what I mean.



Looks acceptable...but



Image Not Found


This the inside of the old one, basically rotted and swollen shut...



This the inside of the new one.



This is the orofice size (2.6mm) from one of those ear scopes that I swiped from the doc's office. [Disclaimer]


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