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Ball joints

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OK I have gone to two different shops, they both say they cannot align my tires. Both shops say I have to get adjustable ball joints. According to the techs my frame is fine and my axle is straight however the frame is "sagging" to the point where they cannot put it into specs. Are they giving me BS or should I just pay the extra and get the adjustable? If so I was going to get them at RockAuto, unless someone else has a better supplier. Thank you.

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If you want to validate the "sagging" claim, good body shops have frame racks

and can check the frame at the control points to see whether it is deformed

at all. Seems to me it would take a rather significant event to cause that kind

and amount of frame deflection. If it is out, they can usually tweak it back

to relatively straight. I crunched a Firebird once and the left rail was two inches

higher than the right rail at the front control points. They were able to pull it

back to within 0.010". Unlike the human body, I don't think these frames just

sag over time on their own.

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The vehicle FRAME has NOTHING to do with camber adjustment. Like was said, two main things cause bad camber.... ball joints , or a bent axle. The frame does not play into that adjustment at all. It could affect caster if there is a frame issue, as the frame mounts could effect the control arm positioning, and thus axle positioning. I'm not sure if you and or your alignmnet shop are getting these terms mixed up, but it all needs to be clarified for you to understand what is going on correctly. I'm not trying to be an azz here, I just don't want to see you get taken to the cleaners for a lack of understanding on the terms used in front end alignment.

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