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Bad Stuff Just Happens Sometimes

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Coujpla lessons here:


1) Old age deterioration isn't always visible.

Putting on the new intake manifold, snugging down the

bolts before torquing and heard a "pop", which I presumed

to be the manifold seating tightly on the guide buttons.

Proceed with torquing, and the $@#%^&% REAR stud

snaps off in my hand at 10 IN-LB. Looks like this:



2) Small noises can be big problems. That "pop"

I presumed to be the manifold seating, was actually

the manifold breaking. Apparently it wasn't fully

seated when I snugged the bolts. Now it looks like this:



Off come the manifolds, off comes the head. Rear stud looks like this:



It's obvious that this stud has been corroded nearly 90% through for some

time now, and good metal was only a sliver. AND, it's recessed into the

head. So the good news, if there be any at all, is that I'm going to get

some bonus head work done at the machine shop, plus I get to head for the

JY to find another manifold.



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Well thats enough to piss ya off and make ya want to start drinkin...

Glad I'm not the only one with horse sh@t luck. Still havent figured out my clutch issue.

Maybe we should have a beer and forget about both of em! :cheers:

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