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318 Swap

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Anyone on here ever do, or know anyone whose done a 318 swap on their 'manche? I can pick one up for fairly cheap, and was wondering how much more difficult it would be than the 4.0? I have an '86 with the firewall that doesnt match up for the 4.0 btw, with a partially disassembled 2.8 in it atm.

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Is it going to be fuel injected?


Nobody makes motor mounts. you are going to have to fab your own. The rad support is a special thing on the 86. You will have to figure out your own cooling system.


There are three 5.2/5.9 MJ swaps that I know of on this board.


Mine (Black Betty) thread below in my sig. Which is a 86.


and 360mjdude's, 86 as well.

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I have wondered about this myself, and I am sure others know the answer to this.

The frame rails on the early Grands are set up to have the same locating points for the suspension, and appear similar to the xj/mj.

My question is how do those mounts work or appear to work for this swap?

They must not work or the guys doing the swap wouldn't be going to the trouble make their own.


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I believe the reason for the core support swap is to allow for the different radiator mounting of the 4.0 radiator, due to engine length, not so sure about the hood? I think there are front crossmember problems also.

My '89 XJ Wagoneer has a LT1 Camaro motor/trans in it, using a stock 4.0 position radiator, BUT, the LT1 doesn't have a belt driven water pump, so has a shorter front accessory drive.

The length of the motor/pump may cause problems.

There are those here who have dealt with this swap and a search might give you some clues as to what is needed.


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