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Discovered a new bug today.


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Well, the GF just got out of the shower, and told me that there was a bug in the shower. Had to get up to do my killing duties. I was greeted by this little bug that looked like a tick, and was the size of one, but had these little scorpion pincers. First thing that came to mind was bed bugs, we've been traveling a lot lately, and hotels had been a mainstay. Quick google search told me I had nothing to worry about, and I learned of a new bug I had never encountered. The Pseudoscorpion.


Pseudoscorpions are small arachnids with a flat, pear-shaped body and pincers that resemble those of scorpions. They usually range from 2 to 8 millimetres (0.08 to 0.31 in) in length.


There are more than 3,300 species of pseudoscorpions recorded in more than 430 genera, with more being discovered on a regular basis. They range worldwide, even in temperate to cold regions like Northern Ontario and above timberline in Wyoming's Rocky Mountains in the United States and the Jenolan Caves of Australia, but have their most dense and diverse populations in the tropics and subtropics. Species have been found under tree bark, in leaf and pine litter, in soil, in tree hollows, under stones, in caves, at the seashore in the intertidal zone, and within fractured rocks.[1]


Chelifer cancroides is the species most commonly found in homes, where they are often observed in rooms with dusty books. There the tiny animals (2.5–4.5 mm or 0.10–0.18 in) can find their food like booklice and house dust mites. They enter homes by "riding along" with larger insects (known as phoresy), or are brought in with firewood.


Youtube turned up a video of one that looked like ours:







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