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4wd help

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pretty much, yes. :thumbsup: any year XJ/MJ will work for ya. the only hiccup is the rear driveshaft and most of us get our 2wd shortened to length.


try to get only 2.5L/5spd rigs, as they should have 4.10 gears in the axles. and verify those gears before buying a whole jeep.

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To expand on what Pete said, youll need a trans from an XJ or MJ with a 2.5 in it. Ones from a 4.0 will not bolt up without a rare and difficult to find 2.5 Dakota bellhousing or an expensive adapter kit. 2.5 XJ/MJ's with a 2.5 and a 5 speed usually came with 4:10 geared axles and would be perfect for a 4wd swap.

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You can also use one out of a YJ or TJ, but will have to modify your floor a bit (I cut a 2" by 3" hole and used fiberglass matting and 2 part epoxy filler to make a bubble) to clear the double cardan joint on the front driveshaft as these transmission clock the transfer case up higher. Other than that they are a bolt in. I like the YJ transfer case shifter linkage better also, but it moves the shifter forward a few inches, so you will have to modify your center console if you have one.


4.10 gears with the 5 speed give the same final ratio in 5th as the 4 speed with 3.55 gears does in 4th. On stock tires I found that too low (19mpg at 75mph), so I swapped in a 5 speed but kept the 3.55 gears. Gutless, but now I get 24mpg at 75mph (or 27mpg at 60, same as I did with the 4 speed).


If I want power I use my daughter's XJ. 4.0 HO, 4,10 gears and a custom tuned ECM :brows:

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