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'96 XJ to '90 XJ donor possibility questions

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I have the opportunity to get a '96 XJ for a donor for my '90 XJ. I have a good motor in the '90 so I would like to use everything from the '96 such as the engine harness, dash and interior wiring, trans and transfer case.


My questions are:


If I remove the '96 engine and strip it down to a bare block and head can I use the '90's engine? I don't know if there are any non-interchangeable parts such as a knock sensor or coolant sensor. I thought the major changes were from '97 so what are your thoughts?


Thanks all!!

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There is no spot to put a knock sensor in a 96 block....or any h.o. Block for that matter. If you're putting the h.o. Motor in the 90, do the full wiring swap. And the 96 trans and torque converter must be used then. They are not cross compatible with renix, as the obd 2 96 system uses different sensors, different connectors, and has a different torque converter bolt pattern. Oh, ands you can't mix and match flex plates. Renix are different than h.o. In every way

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Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm a little confused.


To elaborate someone else wants the '96 XJ motor and I want to use the motor already in the '90. I plan on using the '96 flex plate with the '90 block. Can I use it with all the '96 wiring, trans and transfer case? So you are saying the Renix motors have a knock sensor and the Cyro doesn't? If that is the case can I choose not to hook up the knock sensor on the Renix block? What exactly are my limitations from long block to long block. Like I said I want to strip the engines down to bare bones so I will keep all the sensors I need for my conversion.


Thanks again for your time.

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You will be fine.

Use your 96 flexplate, distributor, manifold etc.


As for the knock sensor when doing the swaps, the early HOs have the threaded hole for it and even the later ones have the hole but un-threaded. No big deal I've done 3 of these swaps with no issues.

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