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2wd to 4wd

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Your biggest issue with the selectrac out of the 84 will be all the vacuum hoses and routing them all correctly. The NP228 has a butload of vac hoses to deal with, along with the sliding lever actuator. Youll either need to take very carefull notes as to routing of these hoses when you take it apart, or find a good diagram so you can put it all back together correctly when the swap is finished. And like was said, both these vehicles may have the same axle gearing, so that might save you from having to weld new perches on the 84 XJ rear axle. Confirm what the gears are in both vehicles and go from there. Good luck.

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a quick and dirty way to check gearing:


-jack up one rear tire

-put trans in neutral

-rotate that tire around exactly twice

-while doing that, count the number of times the driveshaft rotates. that number will be your ratio. 3 and a half times is 3.55, just over 4 times is 4.10, 4 and a half times is 4.56, etc.


there's a chance that both your truck and that XJ (being 2.5l/autos) will have 4.56 gearing, and if that's the case, the XJ is a GREAT buy because that ratio is hard to find. worry about the t-case later. :thumbsup:

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let me throw this out there two i got a 91 burb 350 motor 704 brand new tranny with posa out back would u just take that drive train and fab it under the mj i got the know how and go ahead and leaf spring the front or trade the burb for that xj the burb has a bad body and bad motor but i got a sbc400

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