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What water pump is best?

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It looks like I have developed a antifreeze leak at the water pump. I don't want to replace with autozone brand junk. They have a nice one on 4wd hardware called the cool something...?

I will replace the pump and all heater and radiator hoses. Just flushed the system and put new thermostat and housing on about a thousand miles ago.

What is a good pump to put on and are any hoses better than the others? Thanks

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Good luck finding premade hoses locally. Dealer and an aftermarket company through quardratec are the only places I have been able to find them.


The coolant is purely up to you, but Jeep has never used an 'Orange' coolant. Generally that is the GM DexCool which is an organic coolant, OAT, which contains no silica. Jeep uses a pink coolant. It is an extended life hybrid organic coolant, HOAT, which is a hybrid of basic coolant (green) and organic coolant with minimal silica content. Never, ever, mix the the coolants.


I run the extended drain HOAT, Zerex GO5 from Napa. It is a clear/yellow color. But really, after a few good flushings and draining the block, you can run whatever coolant you want, just stay consistent.

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Don't switch to the orange stuff. Just use green antifreeze, don't bother wasting your money with the 50/50 mixture you're just paying for water. That said use 50/50 because if it's off either way it can freeze and it isn't as efficient on removing heat.

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