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header panel ?

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just a bare header, or lights, grille, and bezels attatched? if you just want the header, I'm almost positive everything comes off with a philips head. if youre swapping everything as an assembly, Philips head screwdriver for the headlight bezels and side marker lights. take those off to get to 4 nuts on all corners of the header (studs come straight out of the fender), then theres a long plate at the top (under the hood) with 5 nuts going on the header, and 5 torx head bolts going on the radiator core support. sizes I'm not sure, but the middle torx (that holds the hood striker) is one size smaller than the other four torx heads. there might be a plastic bracket at the bottom of the header held on with like a 7mm or something but i just broke mine off since i didnt have anything that small at the junkyard with me

i don't think i missed anything. its pretty straight forward...a lot easier than i expected when i did it

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I've replaced a number of these and am getting ready to put a 90 something on my 89. I'm going from memory and it's 345 in the morning :roll: . You will need a phillips screwdriver to remove the grill and headlight doors, marker lights, a torx screwdriver with assorted bits for the support piece on top along with an 11mm socket( a 7/16 will work, I just looked at one in my garage), IIRC a 13mm socket for the bolts that bolt to the fenders, you'll need pliers to release the connectors for the wiring harness. So, basic stuff.

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