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Having a donor vehicle...good.


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I just have to say that having a donor is fantastic.


I can't believe all the parts I have pulled off of this thing.

And I only paid $400 for it.


So far, I have moved from the donor to the truck:




front driveshaft - pulled these 3 as a unit.

Bracket for the xfer case linkage

part of the rear driveshaft to lengthen mine.

steering column

gauge cluster

glove compartment door

misc. light bulbs

misc. vacuum hoses

throttle body with IAC, TPS, etc.

digital clock (though it isn't working yet...no power)

and today the track bar and bracket.


And that doesn't count the parts that I've sold and the tires I'm giving to my son-in-law.


Just thought I'd share the value of having one. comanche.gif

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You got that right. Yesterday I bought a wrecked '98 Grand Cherokee for $350, All rear end damage. Drive train undamaged. 133k miles. The 5.2 is going into a '98 WK. The tranny is going into a '93. both axles are going under a '89 MJ. The full power leather bucket seats are going into a '87 MJ and the scrapped body is going to the crusher. At $220 a ton that's $310. The AM-FM CD and casette player is going into my '88MJ and I may make something selling front end parts. Or I may sell it to Sam and let him fix it. :jump: comanche.gif :jump:

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