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snow plow question

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There shouldn't be that much difference between a '88 and a '92. Just swap everything over. Besides, using a '92 MJ for a snowplow is sacrilege. :no: I got a '75 and a '77 J20 with a Meyers already hooked up. Swap ya straight across, your choice, for your 92MJ.

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Before the haters start, it just plows my driveway, at slow speeds.


Why should you be concerned about haters? Gotta do what you gotta do. Looks fine to me. Just happy I never have to plow. :cheers:


I agree, Jeeps and MJs were made to work. Since when is playtime offroad "good" and utility "bad"?

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The plow works great. Being cautious, deep snow is plowed half at a time. I would like to extend the upper bracket to extend further back on the frame for peace of mind. Snow adds up quick especially when it is wet (as opposed to powder). Just off idle gets it done though jamminz.gif

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