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Anyone have a lead on a replacement IAT sensor ((((PICS))))

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Yeah it makes a considerable difference. I drove about 300 miles today down I40 chasing down another XJ and not once did I down shift on the inclines and there are plenty here in E TN. Runs about 5-8 degrees hotter too, I can tell it's leaned out a bit now. Along with a bit better mileage.


With each sensor I changed out I notice a difference in the way it ran.........the only one I have not changed is the intake manifold pressure sensor, when I unplug it the engine loses idle completely so I assume it's still working.


My next and last swap will be the complete throttle body. NOS is available for $250.

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That Mat sensor looks like the one for the 91-96. The resistance output values are off compared to the one for your year. It will cause it to tell the computer the air is 60 degrees colder then its actual temperature. Have you noticed a decrease in your MPG after you replaced this sensor? Idle differences???



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correct sensors for our renix system that will not cause rich idle.


correct info, but have to order $30 worth of parts from them plus shipping

http://www.injector.com/cart/pc/Air-Cha ... -12p65.htm




The following two appear to be 3/8" pipe (verify prior to purchase) and have the correct ohm thermistor so the computer reads correctly, you will need to get the pig tail out of late 80's era chevy or buy it. Took quite awhile to find the charts for the readings.


Napa Part : ECH TS5100


Schucks part : WT382


autozone: SU113


my manifold was tapped at 1/4" NPT... So I just drilled and tapped the manifold to 3/8". I did it on the truck, removed the throttle body. pushed a vacuum hose in there with the shop vac on hi and drilled and tapped away.



* edit month later...

I would suggest pulling the intake before drill/tap or maybe using grease on the bit in addition to the vacuum as I found some shavings on on the injector ports when i changed injectors today.

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