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Curious tire size question.

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I blew up a dana 35 running 30 inch tires on the pavement. others have offroaded a dana 35 with 33"+ and been ok for a while. individual results may vary. :thumbsup:


stock gears are going to suck though. more so if you have a stickshift.

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My son inlaw to be runs 35s on a d35 in his yj. That thing has taken quite a beating off road, but when the axle broke, he was just driving down the street to my house!

Fluke. Already weak for some other reason. I've had 32's doing ALL kinds of driving in my XJ with AW4, D35 and 3.55's...maybe I've just been lucky, who knows??


The MJ has a rear D44 but those crappy 3.07 gears, 31's and a BA 10 but I tow with it up hills on a regular basis. No probs...but I baby my Jeeps.

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