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Ac question

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Hey guys.... I have recentley been hearing a squeak in what seems to be my ac unit.

I spray some pb blaster in it and it stops for a min or so. I just put some oil in it now...just a little from the outside...and it lasts a little longer. (no squeak)

I really love and need my ac, so I don't want to remove it and put a bracket in there.


Is there an easier way?

Like do they sell just the part the belt rides on?

Or is there any other suggestions?

I really appreciate the help


Thanks again guys!



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I assume youre talking about the belt at the compressor. Where are you applying oil to? If youre applying oil to the clutch discs, youre probably screwed at this point. The compressor clutch needs to stay clean and dry from oily residues. Some places do just sell a clutch kit for the compressor, but it will usually cost as much as a complete compressor will or real close to it. You may try just tightening your drive belt as well. I had a similar issue and tightening the belt took care of the noise. Ive also seen them make noise because the belt was old and glazed... just needs a new belt at that point. Good luck.

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ok i just spoke with my pick n pull guy and hes pulling the whole ac assembley out for me for $18.00

my next question is


do i have to replace entire unit or just the clutch pulley?

it seems like i can just bolt the new clutch pulley on to my existing unit.....i said unit..lol




do i have to drain the freon out to do this job?


please help!!!

down to 1 truck and i am losing $$$ everyday i can't drive!!!!!!!


thank you

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i just took off the ac clutch plate and there was a bunch of gunk in there so i cleaned both sides up a little with some scotchbrite and noticed that my bearings grinding...lol

here's the other side.....not cleaned yet....from what ive read, the washers/shims are very important



i called the used part store and am getting a whole ac unit $60

then ill have a spare ac

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Well the bearing in the pulled part was bad also. Went to another place that had one pulled for me and that bearing was bad too.....

So after a thousand rejected calls for the bearing, or clutch, I stumbled across dj Nickolus.

The only thing is it's only 65$ when it's $200+ everywhere else.

He said he didn't have a pic but it said clutch pulley

It's coming in by 9 am tomorrow so we shall see if it's the right part


I also got the clutch pulley off and apart, including bearing.


Is anyone even reading this?

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I have replaced a lot of bearings in those AC clutches. Its kindof tricky to get the bearing out and in without bending the pulley. Also look at the snout on the front of the compressor where the bearing slides on, and make sure it isn't worn .Looks like you already have the bearing out of the pulley , so if the pulley is not bent, youre half way there!

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I just replaced the damper on my 89 last sunday, with a used one. It was rubbing on the timing cover. It made kind of a swishing sound. maybe its just your belt. They will quit squeaking with just a little spray of almost anything, like brake cleaner or carb spray. Then as it dries off they start squeaking again.I have heard the best belt to use is a Goodyear gatorback.

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