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Track bar mount (on frame)

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the track bar mount on dad's MJ needs to be replaced and he wants a new one. where can i buy a factory like replacement? i tried rockauto.com and the local auto part stores with no luck. i know i can go with an aftermarket part but that would mean we would need buy another track bar, or at least all the ones i found any way.


if i must go with an aftermarket that is not the same style as stock, what would be the best alternative for a DD?



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I am also looking at doing this soon. Am I safe to assume by the above statement that a Used XJ trackbar should function fine, or, should one go buy a brand new track bar?



the track bar, or the mount?


you can get track bars from rockauto.com for around $20 and up, and they are new.. the mount is what i was looking at

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I have been trying to find a good used one(mount) also and no luck. The junk yards around here want 50.00 or more for one which is crazy. Mine is so bad its getting hard to drive and rattling can't tighten it any more. I am thinking of one from the dealer as I am just fed up with what yards want for stuff.

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Fifty bucks for a track bar bracket?!? That's insane!!


I'm going to the boneyard tomorrow (for a different part) and

I'll try and find a good one. There are about 50 cherokees

typically in my regular boneyard.


Online dealer price for part number 5200-7121 is $159.60, which

is even more crazy. I am appalled. It's just a damn piece of

stamped sheet metal with a few holes in it, for cryin' out loud.


Maybe I oughta pull every one I find................

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That would be great maybe try to find 2 in case the original poster may wants one. I have been told that people are using them as cores to make heavy off road ones? Theres one on ebay right now he wants $40.00 and $16.00 to ship it.

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i wonder what shipping would be on it... through canada post... i figured the shipping to the states would be pricey.......or next time i go to town i could stop into UPS .. i live in the woods pretty much lol but go to town acouple times a week so if ur in no huge rush ill probally goin to town in the next couple days


pm me ur name and full address and ill see what it will cost???


iv never shipped anythign cross boarder befor


just looked to make sure i still have them and its 2 track bars with decent ends and good bushings and 1 upper mount thought i had 2 mounts but might have givin the other one away to a buddy

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