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88 mj clutch

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hey yall my 88 mj i just recently swapped in a ax15 and np231 transfer case is there a way to adapt my 88 clutch master cylinder with the 98 slave cyl or will i jus have to drill my fire wall and use the 98 master cyl and all if anyone will help me out ill appreciate it

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It appears the 98 master will fit the firewall it's the push rod that may need to be adapted.



Somewhere here there is a thread on using adapters and braided line to mate the master and slave.......nice set up.


I have the plastic slave on mine and that will have to go at some point.....along with the plastic line.

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Ok, the parts that needed to be shipped to me are slowly coming in. I've got a Clutch master cylinder and a Slave Cylinder from a Jeep dealer in Cali.


Here's a pic of the 2, the Clutch master cyl looks correct as it's easy to see right under the hood. Does the Slave cyl look correct?




Alright guys............where'd this slave come from??????

This is the one I want!



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