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Is this truck worth buying?

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I found a red 86 2wd shortbed. It was wrecked lightly on the front. Needs fenders, grill, bumper. Hood and radiator are good. It is only a 4cyl. The bed is is rough and needs replaced. There is no rust on the truck and it does start after sitting for 2 years.

He has the title and wants $300.

If I got the truck I would do a 4wd conversion and a 97+ front end. Does this sound like a decent deal? I have been looking for over year in my area and only seen 2-3 4wd and no one wants to sell them. How much I looking to put this truck where I want it and is it goo g to be hard to come across a good bed for the shortbed?

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If you don't want it say so. I'll come get it. 700 miles round trip. $300. OK. To answer your other questions. Get a complete XJ, Rear end body damage only, power train OK. It's cheaper and you got everything you need. No continous running to the JY for something. Good beds are getting harder to find. I would build a flat bed.

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Not sure. He told me 86 but I havent seen the title or anything. I think I am going to have to pass it up due to not having time or room for another one...at least that's what my wife says.

If someone wants it, I can get you the info.

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