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Clean start MJ

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This is my newest jeep addition its a 1990 MJ 4.0l 2wd ax15 trans. Was a florida truck so body is super clean interior just as clean was a good find. I will need to fix the headliner and drivers floor and where ever the water leak is.


I am a Jeep tech ive been doing Jeeps since 1989 when these trucks were rolling off the truck brand new. All though not a good seller but one of my favorites next to the Wagoneers. Ive owned a 1980 full size cherokee,a 1991 2 door xj I still have several grand cherokees a 2004 wrangler unlimited that my wife never lets me drive cause its hers haha. all of them were modified and lifted. Since ive moved to Chicago my wheeling days are done cause ive wheeled some of the countrys best spots in the southwest i lived in az for 9 years. So the mud does nothing for me with that said and seeings how I can't drive a stock Jeep I'm thinking of doing a prerunner style comanche build. Poss leaving it 2wd ditching the dana35 for a 9in lifting it 5 to 6in running baja fenders and having some custom baja bumpers built. we will see where it goes from here

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Not sure I bought from a guy in chicago who from what I understand bought it from the owner who brought the jeep up from florida. I ran the vip report here at the dealer I work at it was purchased in Punta Gorda fl. thats all I know. You know the Jeep?

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Been watching that thing on Craigs for awhile now. Don't know where your at, but I know the seller was pretty close to me. Feel free to shoot me a PM and stop by my place. I live just over in Harvard. I have a couple MJ's, and more hard to come across MJ parts than you could shake a stick at.


And an MJ couch, and a fridge.




Yep. A little bit of an addiction over here in the 'Vard.

Rob :cheers:

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