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D44 stock on?

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how good are you at fabrication? how much of a project do you want? and how big of a tire are you planning to run?


fabrication pretty much just starting out... don't even have a angle grinder, yet...

I just have basic hand tools, electric drill, and pneumatic impact wrench... and a paint gun :D

if i where to get something welded there is a machine shop in town that i have done used in the past, and they are Comanche lovers too!


small project, maybe something that will take 1-3 weekends

the rear D44 i snagged off an XJ i know the perches need to be moved and was going to get that machine shop to do it for me


and as far as tires go currently running 225/75R15 , but plan to eventually get some 31s or 32s



I thought i saw on here that the front Dana 44 from a wrangler would work but don't know what years

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