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Comanche Parts in Lusby MD


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So, When I purchased my Comanche, it came with a BUNCH of extra parts, the lot of which I don't need. So I figured I would sell them off to whoever might need them on here. I cannot confirm if any of these parts work or not, but the lot of them look to be in working order.


By the way, all prices are negotiable. I'm just trying to get rid of the lot of them and if somebody need a part, I'm not going to argue a few bucks for it


Ok, I have 2 NP231j transfer cases one is complete and the other is in pieces. I'm not sure if all the pieces are here for the dismantled one but the other one hand cranks with no noise or resistance. The speedometer gear is loose in the full one and, what looks like the vacuum connectors, has a broken male adapter and I would suggest cleaning it out before use. 150 each. If you happen to need parts for your TC let me know. I'll do the parts individually too.

1 Intake manifold, looks to be in fine condition. 20

1 mechanical fan and clutch, also looks to be in good condition. 20

1 electrical fan with shroud. Small crack in top corner of shroud. 20

2 electrical interior door handles w/power windows and locks. One lock switch is missing. I'm not sure if it works or not, but they look to be in OK condition. 5 both

2 outside door handles. 10 each

1 computer control unit. I'm not sure what it goes to or if it works. 10

2 door latch female adapters(the ones that go into the door) 5 each

1 full distributor. Has cap rotor and wires attached to it. Has definitely been used, as there are slight wear on the gear end. Also have ignition coil. 20

1 water pump w/out pulley. 20

2 chrome headlight surrounds 5 both

1 fuel pump assembly, not sure what it came out of, and some of the wires are clipped. The lock nut for the gas tank is bent, so it may need a new one. 15

2 front non venting windows, complete with the seals and surrounds. 10 each

and 1 hood. The hood had a badge on it but that can be easily removed. It doesnt have any rust that I see, except on the brackets. 30


I also have a new Rough Country track bar that was put together and attempted to install, but it didn't fit, so it was never used. Still has box, all stickers bracket, bolts, heim, everything that came with it. 100


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Ok, after a long time, I think I'm ready to commit to selling these things. In addition to all of this stuff, I looked back through all my parts after looking at some stuff on here, and I found out that all the bound pieces of plastic are the body side molding pieces. I'll have to check to see that they are all there, but I'm pretty sure they are.

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