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Noob wants to know: "Is this a good deal?"

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I've got a guy that wants to sell me a 1987 Comanche 4x4, SWB, Fuel Injected 4.0L, Auto, with a 4.5" lift and 33"tires, 3.73 gears, Bushwacker flares, custom front bumper, and sliding rear window. No rust, no wreck damage, some minor leaks, but has a current safety inspection. He has done the 97+ front end and interior conversion (- air bags & cruise). Everything else works including the A/C. He's not sure how many miles are on the truck but thinks that it's over 200K. The paint looks good from 30' but scratches and chips are visible the closer you get. He has a clear title.


I haven't seen it in person yet. He says that it starts, drives and stops well.


He's asking $4500. Is this a good price? Is there anything else I should ask before I drive 8 hrs to pick it up?


Any help is greatly appreciated. 8)

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It would be pretty hard to put a price on a truck that has undergone the 97+ conversion. There is quite abit involved.


Now if the truck is done well and is truly rust free, I could see the value approaching that price point. It really boils down to this: is it worth it to you?


If its a spectacular truck, I would do it. We need pictures!


To avoid confusion, make sure the VIN on the dash matches the title...

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I've found that most of my money hasn't gone into the '97 conversion, but upgraded parts like the lift, wheels/tires, the 4wd conversion and maintenance items like new brake components, battery, etc. So, if the conversion was done well and the maintenance has been performed, then I can see $4,500 as a fair price (I know I've got way more than that tied up in mine). I'd pay that if I were looking to get another one. All the little stuff adds up. If the cluster came from the same donor as the motor, then that should give you an idea how many miles are at least on it. When people ask me how many miles are on my truck, I have to ask them which part?


We still need to see pictures.

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