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speedo gear question

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My stock TC has been making noise for years, when I had the engine rebuilt and swapped in the newer ax-5, I had a guy take a look inside and he could find absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it's noisy. I found a cheap low mileage NP231 from a 91 or 92 wrangler, with the electric speed sensor.


I've heard I can just swap my manual parts over to the newer case, and use my old cable. Is that true? Do I swap the gear over too? I need to get a 37 tooth, anyway, just don't know whether to get the long or short style.


Thanks in advance!





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The gears themselves are the same, but the shafts are a different length (long for the cable and short for electric). I've swapped the shafts out multiple times if I haven't been able to find the right one. Heat the shaft up just enough so that the plastic is just warm. Then you can punch the shaft out from the top (some gears don't have the hole on the top of the plastic, but it can be drilled out). Then just hammer in the new shaft. The long shafts are sometimes cheaper and easier to come by depending on how many teeth you need.

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