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Tonneau Cover

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Just bought a tri fold off ebay for $232.00 delivered to my front door from overstock auto that was designed for a Mazda/Ranger 94-2011 that fits perfect on my Comanche. Super easy to put on (no drill) and really nice quality. Ill take some pics tomorrow!

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That cover looks very good! Can you please share an image or two showing

just how it connects? Does it connect to the sides only, or does it also connect

to the front edge and the tailgate? Or can the tailgate be operated with the cover

in place? Thanks!

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Oh your the MAN! That is exactly what i was looking for. I heard an S10 or S15 would work but too long by and inch. I'm ordering my soon. YOu saved me a heck of a lot of trouble! :bowdown:


Now can you or do you know of a way to lock the tail gate handle itself? Or is there a tail gate lock that can be installed?

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I contacted the Tonno-Pro folks today, after presuming the model for us is 42-304, to ask about dimensions.


They said that the outside dimensions are:




60" WIDE 75" LONG




So, I measured the inside of my bed from flange to flange and

discovered something that really surprises me. The front is

wider than the back by a full inch. I checked it multiple times

to be certain. Anyone else find this??? Front (flange face to

flange face) = 55 1/2" and rear = 54 1/2".! WTH?!?

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