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ZJ D35 disc on MJ D35

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Will Disc brakes from a ZJ with a Dana 35 bolt up to a MJ's Dana 35 without modification? And would the same be true for a Dana 44?


I was looking for a drum to disc conversion that would be fairly Simple.. it was suggested that it would work. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20791&hilit=drum+to+disc+conversion



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I took disk brakes of a 96 ZJ Dana 35, bored out the center hole to 3" and mounted them on my 98 8.25" under the MJ, Bolted right up. That's all I know.


I've heard they do the same thing to a 35C, but no one seems to know if they will bolt to a regular 35.


Motion? Any idea?

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I had Ford Explorer disks on my D35 c-clip axle. When I put in the D44, I reused the Explorer disks on it, but had to use preload spacers to take up the slack in the axle flange difference between the two axles and apply correct pressure pressure on the axle seals. The preload spacers look like this:




and are necessary when swapping disks on the D44 and D35 non c-clip rear axles. They are not needed on the D35 c-clip axle.


Also, the axle flanges for the D35 non c-clip and D44 are the same. The ZJ and Explorer backing plates will fit these axles. The bolt spacing is different for the D35C axles.



See also this thread: http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30367&p=304485&hilit=flange#p304485

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