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OEM performance computer

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I have the Mopar Perf ECU on my '90 Renix. Different fuel map & timing - works well with the hi-altitude CPS I also use.


Yep - they are no longer stocked and are discontinued but Accurate Power may still have some. Ya might wanna sit down before seeing how much they are now (IIRC... $525). Last dealer price I got was $408 right when they dropped them from the inventory and were getting rid of them. Yer better off poking around on the forums until ya find one used as I did.


Now for the fun! Next time yer in the junkyard be aware that these ECU's are NOT MARKED MOPAR PERFORMANCE!!! If ya happen to find one, the yard guy won't know it from the next twenty zillion they would otherwise shred. Just has a Bendix # on it. Here's what I have from my ECU as posted on my site:


Mopar Performance ECU (Renix XJ's - 87-90 )


NOTE! - KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THESE!!! They are -not- marked P4529334 on the ECU; that is only the Mopar Performance part number! Actual Bendix computer is #P4532129 as marked on the ECU itself!


Mopar Performance # P4529334 (Catalog Number)

Bendix # P4532129 (ON ECU)


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