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4wd swap questions and other ?s

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Dad and I are buying a 4x4 Cherokee as a donor for his Comanche. the plan is to swap the front axle, transmission, transfer case, and so on.. are the 2wd Comanche control arms the same length as the 4wd arms? should i move the ones from the Cherokee to the Comanche? and because they are more or less the same in the front it should be bolt on correct?


and dad wants to keep the column shift and the bench seat, is there a way we can move the 4wd shifter to somewhere other than on the transmission hump? maybe use a cable to shift sorta like what novac-adaptors sells and move the handle between the door and seat? what are your thoughts?




as for my jeep I found a Dana 44 for $100 from a grand Cherokee, can i cut off and re use those perches or do i need to get new ones, where is a good place to get some? is there a disc conversion for the Dana 44, i saw one on here i think but can't remember if it where the D35 or D44..



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The control arms are the same. Unbolt your beam axle and bolt in the HP D30.


Grand Cherokee Dana 44's are IMHO a hunk of junk. It has an aluminum center section and different internals. Many believe that even the crappy D35 is a better choice. I would get a 29-spline 8.25 from a later Xj...they are stupid cheap and plenty strong.


You could spend as much or fab as much as you want to move the shifter.... but the bench seat/auto/4wd MJ's have the little shifter on the tranny hump from the factory. I routinely drove with me and two pre-teen daughters in the cab and the 4wd shifter on the floor was not an issue. You do not need buckets or a floor tranny shifter to have the 4wd lever on the hump. It's your money and time, though.

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TerraWombat swapped the D44a in to his truck. That axle can be found under a lot of vehicles, including the Viper. Not really a thread to debate the axle, but you can search the web and read about its short comings. If you did buy it, any ZJ disc brakes will bolt to it since the ZJ used the same set up on the 35 and 44a.


I just ordered parts to install ZJ rear discs on my MJ 44. Look for a write up in the next few weeks.

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A wrangler D44 (pre 07) would be the correct width and lug bolt pattern for our trucks. However, that axle in the ad is not a wrangler D44. It has Leaf spring perches and the only wrangler to have leaf springs was the YJ, which was not offered with the D44. It could be a MJ or XJ 44 if its the right width. Ask him where it came from.


Waggy 44 won't bolt in up front, is wider than stock and is a different lug bolt pattern.

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