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U-bolt size?

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If you are referring to the U-bolt that goes around the axle, we need to know what type axle first.


A Cryco 8.25 takes a 3" diameter U-bolt that is standard length at 8". You can get longer ones if you want, but the bolts are harder to tighten. A D35 takes a 2.75" diameter 8" length.

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When you go to Napa or wherever you end up at for parts, the new U-bolts will come with new nuts and most likely washers as well. Be aware the ones they have at the auto parts store may be longer than what you are taking off. Take one of the old U-bolts with you.


I just replaced all 4 on my D35 in mid-August, and they were in the $15 ballpark for each one at my local Napa.


Have your torque wrench handy when installing them- you'll want about 80-85 pounds each... I set mine at 82 IIRC.

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Cool, thanks. I appreciate it. Think I will order some from Motion Offroad.


EDIT: Or actually, they are cheaper at Rustys, but I am not sure if they include nuts. Decisions, decisions...


Get them from Tom at Hell Creek. For me it was the best deal and quality out there and included everything. :cheers:

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D35 u-bolts should be 1/2" fine thread (1/2 - 20), 2-3/4" wide, and 7" long. It's best to use HI-nuts (taller nuts) for more thread engagement. Grade #8 if possible. :cheers:

Actually, ALL MJs came from the factory with 14mm U-bolts. The closest SAE size is 9/16, but since I work on both XJs (which came with 12mm U-bolts) and MJs, I standardized on 1/2" so the same parts can be used on both. It's slightly oversize for the XJ and slightly undersized for an MJ, but IMHO a new 1/2" U-bolt is probably at least as strong as a 20+ year old, heavily rusted 14mm U-bolt.

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