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Maroon Interior Pieces

500 MJ

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I'm parting out an '88 XJ Laredo that has a maroon interior. The XJ was in a crash and the Driver's front was hit pretty hard. Most of the interior is in OK shape. If anyone needs anything let me know.


Plastic Trim Pieces - $5 each

Dash - $20

Center Console - $20


Seats, Carpet, Headliner - All Gone or not really worth it to pull them...


The Jeep will eventually all go in for scrap once I pull its motor, if no-one speaks up before then, most of this stuff will go in the trash. I don't have a maroon interior in anything I own.


I will ship stuff, but its all on your dime and I need to have payment before shipping. I'll take pics of the interior when I get the chance.


Thanks - Brent

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Everything is still here, the color ended up not matching the other truck's interior so these maroon pieces are back on the market. Dash and Center Console have been pulled. Other plastic pieces are still in the Jeep. Let me know what you need and I'm happy to grab it for you.


Also, front door panels are beat up, but they have good maroon map pockets - anyone need these? $10 plus shipping...

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