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The Misery Jackel(86 2.5 4x4)

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Being at college has done 1 thing for me in the MJ world, and that's given me time to think on things before I move home and really start work on the Jackal. I've scrapped the 350 idea for a different idea, and went the slightly easier route of the i6


Hopefully "The Final" Plan:

HO 4.0




Removable doors, possibly make half doors as well

Rusty's 6" longarm

44 rear and 30 front

4.10 gears?(Sounds good, but I'm open to suggestions if others know better)


Chevy Burnt orange with lower camo trim.


I wanted to do the 350, but I think that will wait until I get a swb that I can turn into a trailered rig, not an everyday driver.

This build will be to:

Drive daily

Light/Medium Trails and Mud(Be able to drive it there and back)

Hauling wood and the ATV, possibly a trailer to haul both.

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Got all the floors in before I went back to college. Have pics but forgot my camera so it'll be a while before I post them. next time I go home I will be putting bedliner on the floor, rust proofing the bottom, cleaning up the frame under the bed, redoing the bedliner, and painting my interior. If i get time I will also be installing an overhead console and reinforcing my headliner, its mighty flimsy! :mad: BUT I HAVE FLOOOOOORS!!!!!!!! :cheers:

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Helloooo dana 44=]

Now to get all the fluids changed, clean it up, new diff cover, and probably paint it with some rustoleum or somethin. This one don't leak like the 35!

Now to decide, spring over or under?

I'd like to keep it to a mild lift, with the 4banger and all. And I need new springs. What to do what to do! :dunno:

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Sat down with dad and had a talk about the truck, we decided that a chevy 350 would be the best way to go, because I want to do the spring over axle conversion and metric ton pack. Whats the point in having a haul worthy rear end if the engine can't move it? jamminz.gif

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In the spring I'll be stripping everything in and out of the Jackal. My uncle is getting a new truck, his old one (85 chevy 4x4) will be moved down the street to my house. Going over the engine, it only has 70,000 original miles. Doing a mild build, then finding a th350, np231, and dana 44 front axle. Done with the 2.5, ready to rock and roll and get this truck up and built!

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Its the name of my dads bluegrass/punk band. So i took the name cause they have stickers made, and it does fit perfectly for the truck haha



haha I have seen them several time! give your dad my complement I really dig there stuff! jamminz.gif

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